Q.F. Exotica!

Be the QUEEN that you are! Stand Proudly in Feathers and Jeweled Rhinestones?

The training course is a two-hour workshop that will show you how to walk, look and pose like a real Las Vegas showgirl! Each session kicks off with a introductory wine toast, finger foods, music and group photo.  From there, it’s off to the costume and makeup stations where the magical transformation begins.  

Q.F. Exotica Feathergirl Training Course


Learn makeup tricks, body paint artwork, signature walks and poses! Each feathergirl-in-training will complete her transformation by posing for photos in a glamorous headdress, jewelry and feathers. The training includes:

  • Body paint, makeup design and walking/posing instruction
  • Unlimited champagne
  • Signature t-shirt and bracelet
  • Group and individual photos
  • Certificate of Completion featuring before-and-after photo




Courses are limited and fill up quickly.  We have slots open for the month of  June and July. Once we have selected 12 ladies we will close the workshop and will place all other candidates on a lottery system.  You MUST always be prepared to wear comfortable high heels and sheer stockings. YOU WILL RECEIVE:

  • QUEEN esque complete jeweled and feathered outfit
  • Queen Feathered Head Piece
  • Fanny Pack
  • Safety Spray

Q.F. Exotica Reviews!  ★★★★★