YONI- Edible vaginal lubricant gel


Edible vaginal lubricant gelFeatures
1.Additive-free, no residue, no harm to women's private parts, a fruity lubricant that can be used by pregnant mothers. 

2. No Allergens, No Preservatives, No Hormones, No Alcohol, No Silicone Oil. 
3. Edible yoni lubricant gel. 
4. Water-soluble formula, refreshing and non-greasy. 
5. Fresh and fruity, lickable, long-lasting lubrication, easy to clean.

1. Improve the dryness of the private parts, meet the lubrication needs during love, and add interest to the bed. 

2. Balance vaginal PH value. 
3. Increase pleasure, increase moisture in private parts, smooth and moisturizing, long-lasting passion.

highly accepted Volume 100ml