30 Minute Distributor Consulting


Want to learn about starting your business with Queen Fetish?† Is the thought of buying wholesale sex toys and selling them at awesome retail margins appealing to you? If you answered yes, please sit tight because you‚ are at the right place! If this is the first time you are launching this business or if you just need to brush up on some aspects of the business that is already launched, you will want one on one dedicated consulting.† Proper guidance on the sex toy industry can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars with your new or current business. Our team are experts at what they do and will help you launch or revamp your business quickly and efficiently with our custom-tailored business consulting packages.

Here is what to expect in this 30-minute consulting session:

5 minutes ‚ Consultant to learn about your business model.

10 minutes ‚ Consultant to discuss product offering advantages and strategies.

10 minutes ‚ Consultant to discuss customer acquisition strategies.

5 minutes ‚ Open questions and answers (Q&A) time.

What to expect once you purchase this consulting package?

Once you place your order, one of our consultants will contact you and schedule a time for your session.† Same day sessions are not always available so be sure to book your distributor consulting session as soon as possible and allow up to 48 hours for your session to begin. If you miss the call, you will need to reschedule, we do not send out reminders.